Heart Mind Synergy

We face choices on a constant basis and we’ve been taught to choose between various realities on a horizontal axis, in the ordinary patterns of cause and effect. Reality and truth, however, are not the same.
The inner journey involves exploring our being on a vertical axis, defying the gravity of space and time and going beyond our limitations. On the vertical axis of our being, we experience frequencies of Truth, Love, Wisdom, and bring them into our daily existence.


Workshop Planning & Promotion

If you are interested in bringing your workshop, presentation or lecture to Greece contact us. We help you get your message across. We are trusted by and connected with excellent venues and with an audience that wants to hear your message.

Private Coaching Sessions

Through Coaching sessions you are enabled to obtain a bird’s eye view of a situation. The beauty of the Coaching process is that you are the one who obtains the ability to arrive at the answers you are looking for.

Dreamwork & Imagery Sessions

The practice of imagery is a form of deep listening, like placing an ear on our innermost being. Imagery is our subconscious mind’s natural language, mirroring inner or outer reality. It involves seeing, feeling and sensing woven…


The School of The Heart was created thousands of years ago by the Masters who understood that the only way to remember who we really are is to reconnect with the energy of the heart.

Master Daniel Mitel works with masters all over the world, helping people remember how it is to live from the heart.

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Recent Workshops

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Imagery Healing I: Retrieval & Transformation

In order to move ahead properly, we need to go back and restore our past. The key to creating a healthier future is to take care of our past, restore it and release ourselves from the history that is limiting us. Imagery Healing techniques assist you in…

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Greek Mythology Experience through Imagery

Experience the vibration of Ancient Greece hidden within the modern Greek culture you see today. For the first time in modern history, 5000 year old imagery techniques are applied to Ancient Greek Mythology, resulting in the experience of these Myths in their pure form.

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Imagery Healing Techniques

Imagery Healing, whereby we think in images and not in words, is an ancient, 5000 year old language that connects us all. It originates from monotheistic western traditions, in regions covering the Mediterranean Sea, Egypt, Palestine, Greece, Italy, France, Spain up to North Africa.

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Demetra has organized all my workshops in Greece from the School of Remembering, The School of The Heart and the School of Meditation. She is not only an exceptional organizer, but also an excellent Teacher that understands the trainings beyond the simple organization and logistics!
I work with more than 60 organizers in over 60 countries and Demetra is an example for all of them!
In addition, Demetra is member of the Board of The School of The Heart; her expertise and knowledge is amazing.

DANIEL MITEL, Master of Meditation, Founder of the School of Meditation and the School of the Heart.

Testimonials of HMS Workshop Participants

I feel that I was shown a good way to focus and clean my mind and remain calmer. I believe that the tools are worth applying.

Paraskevi L.

It was a fascinating experience. I had never expected to feel such energy in my soul and body. The HMS workshop is worth attending and experiencing a new dimension.

Constantina V

I really liked the HMS workshop. It met my expectations. I found the exercises useful.

Stavroula G.

Learning how to connect my heart and my mind, really made it worth attending the workshop.

Smaroula P.

Although this is my first time attending such workshops, I believe it was quite easy to understand and balanced. The teacher's direct interaction with the participants empowered the presentation, while the use of examples from everyday life and personal accounts created a positive impression, making the workshop a success.

Voula L.


Awaken your Spirit

Imagine a society of individuals whose spirit is awakening and expressing itself through life in many different shapes and forms and qualities! How different it can be! Everything is possible!

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Contradictory Thoughts

We usually walk around with two contradictory thoughts in consciousness, which adds to a general state of confusion.
Commonly, the first thought takes the form of…

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Truth and Lies

A major (perhaps the major) destructive element in our lives is deception/lying/untruth/falsehood. The validation of this spiritual truth lies all around us, whether in our personal lives…

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